About Us

Every child deserves the best possible start in life.  A child’s time in Liverpool Nursery is the beginning of an exciting journey through school life, a time when our staff prepare them for the challenges ahead, ensuring that they endure that journey confidently, enthusiastically and ready to learn.

Liverpool Nursery is sustained and supported by UK nursery experts and consultants whom we use their skills and expertise to support our staff who work directly with children and parents. They ensure the nursery children receive the best possible care to help them reach their full potential as well as making sure staff get the appropriate training and provide them with a positive impact. Our UK consultants offer a wide range of training and support services based on our core values and building on that for success.

Liverpool Nursery provides the foundations for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow. The nursery program is based on the national curriculum for England, with the Early Years foundation Stage (EYFS) as its guide. The nursery recognizes that children’s capabilities, home backgrounds and cultures, differ. In this age group, learning is primarily through play. The nursery program is based upon planned structured and unstructured play experience that enhances children’s development and stimulates their curious minds.

Liverpool Nursery is a preschool day nursery, which prepares young children between ages 1-4 for a larger experience in the future when they first join school.

This exciting new development allows us to retain all that is best about Liverpool Nursery, whilst at the same time providing an opportunity to create a facility, which gives our well-qualified and experienced staff greater scope to blend traditional values with the best of the new initiatives which have come from the Early Years curriculum.

We are very proud of the warm and welcoming family atmosphere, which we provide at our nursery with a large, bright airy room for the children, a play area and a secluded walled garden for outdoor activities.  For parents, there is an entrance area so that they will also feel welcome on arrival for checking on their children and also a dedicated area for the parents to meet in private with members of staff.