Liverpool Nursery Aims

Our aims are to provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment where we learn together.

Liverpool Nursery Motto 

Dream          Play          Learn

  1. We Educate and equip our children with basic life skills that will prepare them to live in today’s changing and multi cultural society.
  2. We Offer a broad and balanced curriculum built on the National Curriculum and foundation stage which includes opportunities for moral, social and spiritual development whilst recognising the importance of educating the whole child.
  3. We Develop independence by offering choices and encouraging decision-making skills appropriate to the child’s temperament and stage of development.
  4. We Develop a pattern of behaviour which encourages respect, tolerance and sensitivity for all members of Liverpool Nursery team.
  5. We Motivate each child and adult to use their aptitudes, interests and abilities to fully develop their potential.
  6. We Provide equal opportunities for all our children, irrespective of their gender, religion, disability, race or cultural background.
  7. We Develop aesthetic awareness and the creative talents of everyone in our nursery community.
  8. We Continue to monitor and review our teaching strategies and learning objectives in order to improve our effective teaching skills.
  9. We Motivate the nursery to live a healthy life through our healthy school program.

We want to ensure that your child experiences the very best in childcare and early education and is supported to develop and learn throughout their earliest years. We work hard to ensure they have a routine, but that it is flexible, and that it meets their needs as much as possible.