Our Link with Belvedere British School

We would like to inform Liverpool Nursery prospective parents that we have formed a federation with the rapidly improving Belvedere British School (BBS). The close link between Liverpool Nursery and BBS will allow a seamless transition for our children from Liverpool Nursery to BBS.

There will be future arrangements in allowing our nursery children to spend some time at BBS so that when they start school, they will be familiar with the building and the teachers.

As from BBS teachers point of view, they will know what stage our children are at, therefore Liverpool Nursery staff can try to fill any gaps in order to enable our children to meet the essential needs and objectives that will enable them to join BBS, start their next schooling stage smoothly and efficiently and assisting them in attaining National British Standards.

For more information about Belvedere British School, please visit their website at: www.belvederebritishschool.com