Communication and Language

In both small and large groups, children are encouraged to listen and respond to others about their experiences.

They are encouraged to use an ever growing vocabulary to express their thoughts and feelings to adults and other children.

We strongly believe that regular communication (chat) between adults and children is key to improving the child’s vocabulary through listening to constant good practice. On a daily basis: routine is key, the children will listen and respond to a range of songs, poems, nursery rhymes and stories.

All children will have access to a wide range of literature. They will be encouraged to handle them with care and begin to understand how texts are structured and organised for different purposes.

They will begin to understand that words and pictures convey particular meanings. Children will be encouraged to develop their own story telling skills through a variety of quality picture books.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening skills are an integral part of a child’s development, and we strongly believe that this is the foundation upon which their progress depends.

Children will join together on a daily basis (again routine is vital) to welcome each other, they will discuss their recent experiences and wishes for the coming days. We will sing a variety of songs and nursery rhymes.

All children will learn that listening to others is just as important as speaking. Children will also benefit from adult participation in a variety of role-play situations and activities.

Regular circle time activities will provide opportunities for children to express their thoughts and feelings through speaking and listening, which will inevitably enhance their confidence levels.