Inform Nursery of Child Absence

Liverpool Nursery requires the parents to do the following on child absence:

  • Notify Nursery on the first morning of an unexpected absence that your child is to be off by telephoning the Nursery Office on 0556526300 (please leave a message on the answer-machine if necessary).
  • Please keep Nursery staff informed if your child is to have a prolonged absence as they like to know how your child is doing.
  • If Nursery staff members have not heard from you, the member of staff who has taken the register will contact you by telephone immediately after registration as per the Emergency Contact numbers you have given. If staff members are unable to contact you, they will move onto the other Emergency Contacts as a matter of course. You should advise your child’s other Emergency Contacts of this procedure. A record of staff actions will be logged in the Register sequentially.

Please help us in implementing this procedure which is designed to protect children in emergency situations. Please also note that it is your responsibility to ensure that Emergency Contact numbers are up-to-date. Whilst attendance at Nursery is not a legal requirement, informing staff of your child’s absences will be very helpful to the smooth running of the Nursery and to effective forward planning for the children’s activities. It will also be good practice for school, where similar procedures are required.