Safety & Security

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all children, parents, visitors and staff who attend our nursery. We monitor and check standards on a daily basis, and general risk assessments are regularly reviewed. We work closely with our environmental health consultants to ensure that we identify and assess any hazards in consultation with the experts. Entry to the nursery by visitors is always supervised and controlled by a member of staff. Our gardens are safe with secure fencing around the perimeter.

 We employ trained experts who audit all of our nurseries, equipment and toys and make regular health and safety inspections. We insist that children can only be collected by recognised adults. Special arrangements can be made for other members of the family or friends, but only after prior discussion with the Nursery Manager.

All of our electrical equipment and services, gas supplies, water systems, fire extinguishers and equipment are checked annually by independent experts. Fire risk assessments are reviewed each year, and fire drills are carried out regularly.

For your peace of mind mobile phones and personal cameras are not allowed in the nursery rooms.

Liverpool Nursery provides safe and comfortable transportation and ensure the arrival of children within the shortest time possible. Additionally, a supervisor is provided in order to supervise and ensure children’s safety. In case of emergency, there is a system to deal with such incidences and a reporting form for documenting such emergencies is available.

 Liverpool Nursery aims to:

  • Ensure that everything reasonably practicable will be done to safeguard       pupils, staff and visitors;
  • Will maintain a list of hazards within the nursery and keep this under review;
  • Take immediate action where hazards are likely to turn into risks; and
  • Ensure that the school’s health, safety and security arrangements are known and implemented;
  • Make and keep under review relevant policies and procedures;